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Kansas Street Emergency Housing

Mission of Hope has once again partnered with Road to Damascus to rehab the donated property at 2409 Kansas St. to have a wheel chair accessible house for emergency purposes.  As you can see from the pictures below there are many opportunities for you to help, scrappers have taken everything of value.

 What we need:
Furnace & Duct Work
Electrical wiring & Breaker box
Hot water heater
All bathroom fixtures including handicapped roll in shower
All kitchen fixtures
Doors (exterior doors and security doors)
Flooring in kitchen and laundry room
Washer and dryer (need front loaders)
Refinish wood floors
Plumbing pipe and fittings
Handicap ramps at both entrances
Exterior paint
Tree trimmer
Eaves troughs

MCC Volunteer Fair

Pastor Bobby and crew at Mott Community College for the volunteer fair. Had a great number of people interested in helping us out.
We couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful volunteers. Give us a call if you can help.

Doing a Lot with a Little

One day while riding on an MTA bus, Reverend Bobby Jackson of Flint overheard a conversation that would change the course of his life.

“I was on the bus when I looked out the window and saw two guys running to catch up with us before we left the last stop. When they finally caught up and found seats, one guy asked the other, ‘Where are you going today?’ The second guy answered, ‘Hurley,’ and the first guy said he was going to the library because where he normally hung out, there was ‘too much trouble.’ I turned and asked them, ‘Don’t you guys have anywhere to go?’ Continue reading Doing a Lot with a Little