Road to Damascus

It may be the first of its kind in Genesee County. Three agencies worked together to provide a temporary home for families going through tough times.

The color of this house is distinctive, and so is its purpose. It’s been fixed up inside and out for families needing a temporary place to stay.

“The father, the mother, the children, everybody can stay together up to 30 days free,” said Bobby Jackson of Mission of Hope in Flint.

Most homeless shelters don’t allow men to stay with women and children. But this is different.

“It’s so scary when a mother has to go one place and a father another place during a hard time in their lives,” Jackson said.

Jackson anticipates the first family will move in soon. They will have about a month to find long-term housing.

“Somebody may be evicted. Somebody may be new in town and put out,” Jackson said.

It’s a two-bedroom house that’s been completely remodeled. It’s not fancy.

“We took a door and made it a dining room table,” Jackson said.

But it might seem like a mansion for a family with nowhere else to go.

“People can come that are distraught and homeless and they’ll have a nice place to stay,” Jackson said.

During the summer and fall, people who stay at the house will be able to take advantage of a community garden, which is right next door.

The house is a collaboration between Mission of Hope, the First Apostolic Church and a remodeling business known as the Road to Damascus. All were motivated to keep families together.

“That’s what God wants us to do, love one another,” Jackson said.

If the program is a success, they hope to remodel and open another home for the less fortunate.

For more information on this home for the homeless, call the Road to Damascus at 810- 214-2783.